How To Enhance Your TikTok Growth: 5 Strategies To Maximize Audience Eyesights

TikTok is one of the rapidly growing social media apps. It is popular among teens and tweens. This platform is similar to Vine, but it has a longer video time. One of the mind-blowing features of TikTok is music integration. With the help of this feature, you can add any background music to the videos. Moreover, TikTok holds 800 million users, in that half of them are between the age of 16-24. It is not a bad idea to look after those young user’s music to create your content at this stage. You are provided with a massive music library to create your videos. Even you can come up with your own music for your video. 

In this article, let’s spot a few excellent tactics to extend your engagement rate on TikTok.

Catch Audience Eyeballs 

In the beginning, users are allowed to create videos for only up to 15 seconds. According to the recent TikTok update, you can create videos for up to 60 seconds. It is up to you to decide your video length. Depending on your content, you can adjust your video length. Whether it’s 15 or 60 seconds, you need to capture your audience’s attention. Once you decide on the song, plan the perfect action for it. Remember, your video must be catchy, memorable. Your 15 seconds of video have to make people sing, dance, or do something with it. 

Go With Contests And Challenges

TikTok is not only for lip-syncing songs or dialogues. You can also create other kinds of content. The contest challenges are getting famous on TikTok. While creating a contest, you need to reward your audience and provide something to participate in. You can offer them free tickets or VIP experience, discounts, offers. It will help you to boost more content using your original videos. You can come up with lip-syncing contests, dance, or other comedy skit challenges. 

Partner With Other Users 

TikTok is awesome; it allows two or more users to make duet videos and collaborate. When you use this feature, this platform divides the screen into two. One side is for the original video, and the other for new videos. This feature will end up in making new collaborative videos. Or go with a new song. You can create different kinds of content. The possibilities are many. Either, you can respond back, imitate, troll, appreciate. Depending on the original video, you can create content. Partnering with other users will bring more engagement. Moreover, you can check  out this page to get popularity and attain maximum reach. This kind of content will build separate fan bases and help to grow your followers. 

Pick Easy & Catchy Songs 

It is important to go with easy and catchy songs because when the song goes viral. More people will start recreating it. That time, people have to find it effortlessly. Also, when you select catchy lines with impressive expressions or dance moves, it has a chance to go viral. 

Cross-Promote On Multiple Platform 

Once you publish your videos, share them with other platforms to increase visibility and reach. Moreover, it helps to grow your follower’s rate.


TikTok is not only for entertainment, but using this platform can market your business and show off your unique talent. With the help of your TikTok videos, you can start a conversation with your followers. And can construct a strong community for your account. Just remember, the audience prefers authentic, easily digestible. I hope this article will help you to grow your TikTok account.