Just when IGTV video has picked up the pace with the Instagram influencers and creators, reels happened. And IGTV took the back seat in this buzz of overrated short-form video content. A high hope was had by Instagram when the IGTV launched in the year 2018. It was the sincere attempt of Instagram to change the existing landscape of the video content. Instagram has some great updates like  IGTV story posting in the regime and shopping tabs and encouraging the Instagram users to use it. 

IGTV application is an Instagram app where users can view and share videos. You can access it from Instagram directly if you want to save ram (random access memory) by skipping another application download. Users can also receive IGTV views for greater reach and engagement. But there is one characteristic feature that makes Instagram Tv an outlier from the rest of the video-sharing social media platforms. Instagram’s IGTV has longer-form video content in the vertical format, unlike the video-sharing social media platforms like YouTube. It makes Instagram Tv the best platform for mobile obsessed groups.

Already the Instagram platform has around billion-plus users glued to their smart mobiles, tapping and scrolling the mobile screens cheerfully. Instagram application is yet further such forms that make use of their scrolling to benefit your brands and business. They are categorized in For You and Following under the IGTV Discover in the Instagram app’s Explore tab. 

The app feed of IGTV, on the other side, loads in the famous IGTV video from the Instagram accounts you follow. Acquire IGTV likes and become popular among your competitors. From the search option on the upper right side corner, you can search for the creator’s particular content. 

You can share your favorite Instagram Tv videos with previews in the direct message or share them with others so that they do not miss out on it either.


Forever social media marketer IGTV of Instagram is indeed an indispensable tool. IGTV is the perfect and great tool for sharing whatnot, anecdotes, incidents through DIY sessions, webinars, in-depth reviews, and informational how-tos. For your Instagram base with IGTV, you can also reuse all of your favorite YouTube videos.  IGTV lets you add external links, so say bye to the “link in bio.” You can also push your Instagram Live video to Instagram Tv so that your followers and audiences need not worry about missing another of your Instagram live sessions. Undoubtedly IGTV will be playing an important role in the coming months. 

Since you can view Instagram Tv from the two different applications, you can post it directly using the IGTV applictaion and Instagram application. To posts on the IGTV application, follow the below steps:

Step1: Download the IGTV application on Android or iOS

Step 2: Add the IGTV

Step 3: cover makeover

Step 2: post and done

To posts on the IGTV application on the desktop, follow the below steps:

Step1: Download the IGTV application on desktop

Step 2: desktop upload

Step 3: cover  description

Step 2: the final post