More than one billion people are using the Instagram platform across the globe. Every day more than 500 million users use this platform by sharing 95 million videos and photos per day. Those are higher in numbers. And no matter who your target audience is – occupation, age, gender, or anything, you will definitely reach your target audience via Instagram. Everything you need to know to make a kiler stratergy for Instagram marketing for your brands and business. Instagram has enormous potential for marketers because of its over 500M daily users. Instagram users like to connect their brands with Instagram. 60% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram. Compared to Facebook (93% marketers), only 36% of marketers use the platform. 

Success for businesses and brands on Instagram relies on more than posting good-looking images. You need to look at the following things: clear strategy and clear vision, consistent frequency, clear visual style, and familiarity with your target audience. If you use the above stratergies, Instagram can give better results for your brands.

Setting a better goal will help you define the marketing strategy on the Instagram platform and create great content (photos or videos) to help you reach your target audience and your target goals. Buy auto Instagram likes because it is also the better strategy for marketing your business. Here are some common things that individuals, teams, and brands tend to choose:

  • Showcase your service or products
  • Build a community for your brand
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Showcase the values and culture of your company
  • Advertising to the potential amount of customers
  • Increase the loyalty of your brand
  • Share updates and news of your company

It is always best to select one or more goals for your profile, either your custom goal or from the above lists. 


Half of the internet using young adults (53%) ages 18 – 29 use Instagram platforms. Here is the detailed report of age groups

  • 6% of 65+ age group people use Instagram
  • 11% of 50 – 64 age group people use Instagram
  • 25% of 30 – 49 age group people use Instagram
  • 53% of 18 – 29 age group people use Instagram

And also, most of the users on Instagram are female: 29% of the females use the platform, and 22% of males use the platform. 

Location of the users on Instagram:

  • 19% of the users on Instagram live in rural areas.
  • 26% of the users live in suburban areas.
  • 28% of the users live in urban areas.

Education demographics of Instagram users: 23% of the users on Instagram are high or fewer school grades, 24% of the users on Instagram are college graduates, 31% of the users on Instagram have some experience in college.

Income demographics of Instagram users:

  • 23% of the adults making income from $30,000 to $49,999
  • 26% of adults making the income from $50,000 to $74,999
  • 26% of the adults making income over $75,000
  • 28% of the making the income less than $30,000

Your description or bio must be very professional to your business; what you will share here should show your target audience what you do as a company and be representative of your brands. Most of the brands tend to include a simple outline of what you do and who you are and the brand’s tagline and slogan. Some of the top brands also choose to include hashtags of their brand within their description of bio.

Most of the brands use Mascot, Logomark, and Logo as their profile picture. The profile picture is a great part of the Instagram profile, and it will showcase your brand on Instagram in the best way.