According to the social media team HubSpot, the TikTok social app badges on videos is “leaking” with the opportunities of brands. The 1-year-old social media platform for videos which allows the user to make looping, short videos with unique musical overlays and effects, is growing with over 500 million active monthly users. Most of them are adults and youngsters. While the Gen Zers began to use this social media platform to express their side of creativity, some brands and products are also starting to experiment. But because still, TikTok is such a grown-up app, many marketers and users might be wondering about having the TikTok app is even getting worth it. The most crucial strategy of TikTok marketing is to buy TikTok fans. This query is very understandable and considering that the app TikTok only launched the hyperlink capabilities and advertising process for brands and products recently.

However, current big brands of TikTok have done an excellent and great job of using it for the awareness of brands rather than generating leads or traffic. They are also using it to make the younger audience engage and show off the lighter part of themselves through the challenges, funny videos, and other strategies that you have to see on the specific platform only. Even though TikTok is quirky, so by nature, brands and products are have to be so creative to the right gain of their audience’s attention. A simple sponsored influencer or advertisement endorsement might not cut it on this fast-paced and innovative app.

While it is so fast to create a best practice list around the marketing on TikTok, it is the great and right time to start making inspired by the products and brands who have already thought succeeded and outside of the box on the app. In this article, we will discuss the seven organizations and companies that have gone achieved success and gone viral on the TikTok app already. We offer takeaways. Also, even that may be a smaller company can use to build a fun strategy, creative strategy, and scalable strategy.

  1. NBA
  2. Chipotle
  3. NBC’s Stay Tuned.
  4. Guess
  5. United Nationa IFAD
  6. The Washington Post
  7. The San Diego Zoo


With a considerable amount of 5.1 million fans, the NBA’s account mixes the highlight games with inspirational quotes and music montages.

Unlike the popular social media network Instagram channel, which purely focuses on basketball games highlights. The NBA’s post on TikTok shows the smoother side of the organization.