Every few years, a new platform or app redefines the way we usually use social media; the year 2020 is looking like the year which that takes over the Tiktok. The kids love TikTok. Else everybody says it is a very waste of time. But there is no popularity of its denying. Like it or not, there is that a happens of grat migration with the new social media platforms that will capture the culture of the zeitgeist. They are offering more unique ways and provide more modern ways to interact.

The mass adoption of social media network platforms just flows via continuous cycles. From 2005 in Myspace, moving in 2008 to Facebook, and then about in 2014 to Instagram with interlude briefly by Snapchat. The significant move to the new social media platform id reluctant always, eventually but, the platform’s popularity coerces us all to join. TikTok is the latest contender in 2020 for the throne to buy TikTok views and become famous on TikTok .

A mix os micro-video content and the music lip-synching, TikTok is not a natural social media app to understand for the first time. Still, TikTok is undiscovered territory for any people over the age of 25 years old. Popular incredibly with the Gen Zers, TikTok is a glimpse into that what it means to grow higher up in the currently hyper-connected world. The majority of vast of Facebook users today at aged are 40 plus, while the social media Instagram is more popular with the 20 – 40 aged users.


  1. As of 2019’s late, the TikTok’s user base had reached over 800 million, TikTok estimated to over the users of more than a billion in 2020.
  2. On the global audience of Tiktok’s, almost 50% are under the age of 34 years old, and users on TikTok, 26% are between 18 and 24 age.
  3. The app TikTok gas has downloaded more than 1.5 times globally.
  4. Worldwide, TikTok has reached 173 million from China, and 123 million from the Us, and 66 million from India.
  5. The average user on TikTok spends about 52 minutes per day on the app TikTok.
  6. Bite dance the most valuable company that owns the TikTok at the $75 million value and making it the most valuable startup in the world.
  7. Report of TikTok app gives that over 60 million active monthly users are from the Us.